First comes marriage…then comes the carriage

26 Nov

I have a bun in the oven!!!!! Yay!! I know it seems so soon after the wedding to so many people, but life happens. Jaison and I wanted this part of our life to happen sooner rather than later! I am no spring chicken you know!!! Anyway, we are 4 months (16 weeks) along as of November 27th! It hasn’t been without its ups and downs, but I recently started really loving the idea of being pregnant again…this time with a willing and happy partner in tow and a big brother-to-be who pretends he is going to torture the baby if it’s a girl but share his toys and life lessons if it’s a boy!



Well on the exact day I turned 5 weeks, I got hit with morning sickness. It came so violently, that I literally ripped the sink off! Thank God my son was standing next to me (as he and his dad are super over protective of me since I got preggers). He called out to his dad and together they held my hair back and rubbed my back until my 5 long minutes of sickness had subsided. Through the next month and a half, this would be the ritual. The fatigue hit around the same time. I could barely stand up after having 9 hours of sound sleep. This one is a strange one. Through those times, even though I had the boys there to help, I could only long for my little sister Nehemie (check out her single on Amazon and iTunes: Nehemie and the Billy Rich Project).

(SIDE NOTE): You see, when I was expecting my number 1, Ethan, she would lie next to me on my bed and during the hundred times I had to try to get up to go to the bathroom, if I couldn’t make it there, she would carry me. She was literally my strength in those times. The memories of how she took care of me will have to do. I plan, Lord willing to be there for her the best I can when she is experiencing that part of her life.


During my first pregnancy, I was so scared, I didn’t pay attention to the process. This time around, I am reading more and matching what I am reading with what I am experiencing. There is still a lot that I am  learning about being pregnant. A week and a half ago, I experienced 3 days of piercing sinus pressure headaches. It got so bad that my husband panicked and took me to the hospital. When we got there, many tests were run, blood was taken and so on. I had also been experiencing periodic cramping on the lower right side of my belly. When we mentioned this to the doctors, they became very alarmed. At some point they told my husband they thought I had developed appendicitis and that they would have to terminate the pregnancy to operate. Through all of this he remained calm on the surface. It wasn’t until the 5th and most senior doctor examined me that he put the fears to rest. He then prescribed me 1 week sick leave from work to rest.


While on sick leave, both my husband and I read up a lot on pregnancy symptoms. I learned that the congestion will most likely last until two weeks after i give birth, periodic cramping do occur, but if they are not frequent there should be no worries. I also learned about a lot of other icky, disturbing symptoms…some of which I am experiencing now. But my mind has been at ease. Most importantly, I am learning how to love being pregnant, being pampered by a husband who loves me and a son who adores me. I am learning that I am a strong woman who is willing to endure just about anything to have a healthy baby!

Until next time!!!

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