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Is it time for the great migration?

26 Nov

So many people have given up their US citizenships this year in search of a better financial-based life. Although I did not give up my precious citizenship, I too migrated to another country in search of financial and professional reprieve. I moved to China a little over a year ago and although Although I signed another 3-year contract back in March, my husband and I are planning to migrate back to the States…with a significant enhancement in my life of course. My honey Jaison, my little man Ethan and a new baby!

For a time I feared the process may be a difficult one and wondered if we were up to applying and paying a bunch of fees or even going through the hassle of finding an uncorrupted lawyer. Well, I strongly believe it will be worth it all just to get home. Since the journey is just taking root in our minds, it is only a seedling we hope will blossom into reality within this year. Let the journey begin…

OK, I wrote most of the above passage before the wedding. Now, we are full-fledged into application mode. Found out I could send the application straight to Guangzhou, which may help shorten our process. So the journey continues. Now real worries though, if it takes some time, we will just put that time to use in saving and planning what exactly we want to do when we get to the states.

First comes marriage…then comes the carriage

26 Nov

I have a bun in the oven!!!!! Yay!! I know it seems so soon after the wedding to so many people, but life happens. Jaison and I wanted this part of our life to happen sooner rather than later! I am no spring chicken you know!!! Anyway, we are 4 months (16 weeks) along as of November 27th! It hasn’t been without its ups and downs, but I recently started really loving the idea of being pregnant again…this time with a willing and happy partner in tow and a big brother-to-be who pretends he is going to torture the baby if it’s a girl but share his toys and life lessons if it’s a boy!



Well on the exact day I turned 5 weeks, I got hit with morning sickness. It came so violently, that I literally ripped the sink off! Thank God my son was standing next to me (as he and his dad are super over protective of me since I got preggers). He called out to his dad and together they held my hair back and rubbed my back until my 5 long minutes of sickness had subsided. Through the next month and a half, this would be the ritual. The fatigue hit around the same time. I could barely stand up after having 9 hours of sound sleep. This one is a strange one. Through those times, even though I had the boys there to help, I could only long for my little sister Nehemie (check out her single on Amazon and iTunes: Nehemie and the Billy Rich Project).

(SIDE NOTE): You see, when I was expecting my number 1, Ethan, she would lie next to me on my bed and during the hundred times I had to try to get up to go to the bathroom, if I couldn’t make it there, she would carry me. She was literally my strength in those times. The memories of how she took care of me will have to do. I plan, Lord willing to be there for her the best I can when she is experiencing that part of her life.


During my first pregnancy, I was so scared, I didn’t pay attention to the process. This time around, I am reading more and matching what I am reading with what I am experiencing. There is still a lot that I am  learning about being pregnant. A week and a half ago, I experienced 3 days of piercing sinus pressure headaches. It got so bad that my husband panicked and took me to the hospital. When we got there, many tests were run, blood was taken and so on. I had also been experiencing periodic cramping on the lower right side of my belly. When we mentioned this to the doctors, they became very alarmed. At some point they told my husband they thought I had developed appendicitis and that they would have to terminate the pregnancy to operate. Through all of this he remained calm on the surface. It wasn’t until the 5th and most senior doctor examined me that he put the fears to rest. He then prescribed me 1 week sick leave from work to rest.


While on sick leave, both my husband and I read up a lot on pregnancy symptoms. I learned that the congestion will most likely last until two weeks after i give birth, periodic cramping do occur, but if they are not frequent there should be no worries. I also learned about a lot of other icky, disturbing symptoms…some of which I am experiencing now. But my mind has been at ease. Most importantly, I am learning how to love being pregnant, being pampered by a husband who loves me and a son who adores me. I am learning that I am a strong woman who is willing to endure just about anything to have a healthy baby!

Until next time!!!

I Got Hitched!

26 Nov

Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted. I am happy to say it’s not because I abandoned the beautiful, joy of writing, but because I was preparing to get married and didn’t have much time for anything else. I don’t have many followers, but I do have some great friends on Facebook who have already seen my engagement and wedding pictures. But I will try to share some of them on this blog.

Well, first let me give you the run down on my journey to the altar. Like everything else in China, for an expat, it was a PROCESS! Since my husband was not born in the province where I live, we had to travel to his province to get our marriage license. We only had 2 days to accomplish all of this before I had to return to take a flight to America to go pick up my son Ethan and bring him back to China with me.

So our journey began fairly well. We were travelling to the countryside of Anhui province. The train ride was uneventful, until we got to his hometown. We planned on hiring a car to take us through the mountains to get to his mother’s house…oh did I mention I was also meeting the parent for the first time???!!! Talk about scary! Well, we got to the train station and lo and behold! I am the only black person there! Mouths have dropped, tongues are rolling and people are tripping over themselves to try to take my picture. My husband gets very testy about that since all they will do is post them on the social network of weibo or their personal QQ accounts to make God only knows what kinds of comments! He tells them no and suddenly no cars want our business at the regular price…they want 3 times as much. Mind you it’s almost dark and we are in the boonies of the mountains. So we decide to start walking and hope we can find a car going our way.

The mosquitos are out in full force! They seem to love this dark chocolate. I am sweating profusely, hearing scurrying and what seems to be dogs howling. I am scared, but my honey is gripping my hand for support. After what seems like ages, a car comes careening down the dirt road. We quickly flag him down and he agrees to take us the hour and a half through the mountains. He was a blessing in disguise. Once we get to the front steps of my future mother-in-law’s home, I asked my husband Jaison to pay him at least 100RMB ( the equiv of about $20), but the man only wanted 10RMB!!! I was dumbfounded, but grateful.

NaiNai’s house seems large, but it reminded me of a house in Haiti. The outhouse was super scary with giant spiders all over the wall….oh and to get there, you have to go through the bushes in the back of the house. Needless to say, I did not pee nor $#!* for the 2 days I was there! Drastic I know, but you would do the same if you saw the sizes of those spiders!

After all we went through, you would think it was smooth sailing from there, but NO! We woke up the next morning, met the curious neighbors who watched my husband grow up into a handsome young man. We watched the curtains move back and forth while we waited yet again for another ride into the big city of Hefei…this time with Nainai and my brother-in-law’s 2 youngest girls, ages 6 and 3. I instantly fell in love with my new family and thank God they felt the same way.

I carried those little ones around like they were my own. We had a language barrier, but they started calling me mama. My heart was warmed. When we finally got to Hefei, we arrived at the justice of the peace just in time for them to close and go to lunch…for 2 hours!! Uggh! We were going to miss our train and we did. Finally, we have our marriage license, which in China means we are officially married. We run to the train station and yes, missed it. We bought seats on a bus. The bus driver takes off, only to stop a couple of blocks later to pick up new unauthorized passengers. He was making money on the side. This is a 6-8 hour drive, with at least 10-12 people sitting on the floor in the middle of the bus. The bus was so full it couldn’t drive at normal speed.

Then the air conditioner suddenly broke. We started to suffocate. The mosquitos were on the attack. A few people including my husband called the police to report the driver. Two police cars showed up on either side of the bus, but did not stop him. They basically followed us until he was out of the city. The children started to whimper and looked like they were going to pass out. This went on for another 2-3 hours before suddenly the bus limped into a rest stop where it decided to die indefinitely! Now we were in a dilemma. It was too hot to stay in the bus, but too dangerous to venture outside as the mosquitos had tripled their attack.

My new babies were covered in welts. The rest stop restaurant was closed by now since it was really late. We bought up as much water as we could. Poor Nainai is not of a young age. She is silently enduring, while quietly watching how I dealt with the children and the situation. I am thankful that I had experience as a mother and seemed to pass her test. Many hours later, the people again called the police to report the driver. Finally the police did come and cited him. His company got a fine and he got a personal fine for putting so many people on the bus. He also had to refund everyone their money.

Our saving grace came a few hours later while the police was still monitoring the situation, a car came through with only the driver. Since we were the only ones with little children, and the driver was heading to our final destination 3 hours away, the police asked him to take us. The other passengers were angry, but Praise the Lord, it worked out in our favor. So that was my journey to becoming Mrs. Jai Jun Wang. I will never forget it. And I loved every minute of my adventure. Something to tell the grandbabies!

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