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Pampered and showered with love…

5 Mar

I salivate at the rich scents wafting through the open door as I walk in from a long-day’s work. Your eyes crinkle with that special smile when I appear. “Baby, I made your favorite” you say in your halting, broken English. I still understand you as if you spoke with native strength in my native tongue.

Those are my thoughts almost everyday. I have been blessed with someone who, from another culture and another world seem to understand me better than I understand myself. Not since I was a baby did anyone take care of me with such tenderness and love on this earth. By no means am I measuring this earthly love to God’s unfailing love. However, I think love on this beautiful, yet corrupted earth has finally found its way to me. Is it my turn? Do I finally get the happily ever after? It sure feels like it. I am not naive enough to completely rule out the fact that there are mountains to climb and valleys to cross in this relationship. BUT, as I gently wade through the clean, cool river of love at this time, I will enjoy the feeling of true happiness, wrapped around my legs, waist and heart as love embraces me…even if its for just this moment in time.